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โœจ Sneak peek of our new website that will roll out along side our mobile apps! #soon

Total self hosted servers: 5x VPS 1x dedicated server.
Total applications 16 (13 public and 3 private)

And I thought I give up about it ๐Ÿคฃ

Is there any list of selfhosters (like, i found 3 but only with luck.

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Updated my PGP key from Rsa4096 to ECC with Curve 25519.

New public key is available from download on Openpgp and Keybase.

If we talk about my old public key: if you have it you can use it but it cant be found by email and i removed it from Keybase. After it's expire i will not renew it.

Fingerprint for new key is here on my profile and on my webpage.

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โ“ Anyone here tried to use magic mouse 2 with Linux (fedora 36) ???

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