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Anyone who tried to deploy OpenVPN configuration to the iOS with MDM ?.. Need to setup on-demand VPN and when you configure it in phone settings it's only manual start/stop.

:ms_tada: Finally solved how to add VPN to all our iOS devices with microsoft MDM. Thank to

So fi anyone need add vpn's to iOS and don't have access to Apple configuration utility so there are profiles ;)

Now I have almost 350 projects on my GitLab instance. I think i need to organize them 🤔

❓❓❓ How often do you changing your phones? And how many phones did you have until now?

Just for fun 😁 I made wordpress plugin for plausible analytics (no more need manually edit footer php)

That's the question. 🤔

What is your blog software of choice?

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Hi guys! Any of you here using Grammarly or a similar service?

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linux, tar, compression, question 

If I specify a compression level of 9 and tar a directory full of images, are they going to be without *any* loss in quality when I unzip it back?

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