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I'm new with teetbot but figured it out ... (you have to swipe if you want to open tweet)

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You can now translate almost any text in apps systemwide in iOS 15 :ms_tada:

@Gargron yes it doesn't. I heard about web 3 before I heard about cryptocurrencies... I'm not an expert but i think it is using blockchain technology (somehow)...

@Gargron isn't main difference between web2 and web3 decentralization?

@lerothas yes you can install this on other distros but here you have them out of box. And yes you can use ubuntu for e4xample and then install all extensions but it will be basically pop_os, so why bother with installation of something you can have out of box?

I started using pop os because I like ho it looks and 2nd reason was that my notebook doesn't liked Fedora.. and I stick with it for now.

And some people said that it is maintained by hardvare manufacturer so it may have better hardvare support... i don't know but on my desktop i using Nvidia ISO with all drivers for my Nvidia card out of box :)

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Really like 1Password integration with linux authenticaton...

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@Gargron When i try to call /api/v1/instance i am missing configuration from reposne. Where i can find documentation how to properly configure instance? I dont find it on docs join mastodon. I have to look on another page or i am missing something?

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