❓ Anyone here tried to use magic mouse 2 with Linux (fedora 36) ???

@Gargron mastodon social has different accent color than my self hosted (3.5.0) it’s available for self hosted too or it is just mastodon social instance? (Ps.: like that color more than current one) πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

@gmate8 little bit πŸ˜†

I using mostly android iOS because I need how to configure it.

Linux is much much faster than windows (did you try to run dev environment in docker on Windows? What takes on Linux 2 minutes on Windows is 10)...

But there are situations when windows is better. Nothing against open Office but Ms office is Ms Office. Or central management of employees computer and notebooks for example.

@gmate8 Cool How long it is take? (On windows i just need to click download - dont have time to thinkering with Wine... or whatever else)...

:ms_point_right_paw_v2: Windows for gaming, Office work and media consuming

:ms_point_right_paw_v2: Linux for programing (Windows is slow like hell for some work i need to do) and my time is precious ;)

PHP storm finally works with WSL, so you can develop with Linux on your Windows machine

Ryzen 5 2500u is now supported by windows 11 (IdeaPad 530s and version)

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