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Moved my contacts to fastmail, I like how it can organize mails so I have in inbox only mails from my contacts. And another cool feature is contacts autosaving... (when I send email I will automatically add it to my contacts)

True Tone or not?

the problem with right click downloading NFTs is i have never seen an NFT that is actually worth taking up space on my hard drive

@Seferi @gitea @codeberg

PS2: there is something called Stylus


" Stylish extension which can be used to restyle the web"

Don't used it but you can try if you want

@Seferi @gitea @codeberg me too, this is something people from Codeberg can think about ๐Ÿ˜‰

PS: Im using this theme on my Gitea instance

Tusky showing me notifications so I'll go to check and.... nothing... ๐Ÿ˜

Gary: Just give us some more time, H.U.E.!
H.U.E.: Gary, time is not mine to give. It belongs to none of us.

Any idea how to fix missing emoji in terminal of PopOS 21.04 (the guide from last year not working anymore that one was for 20.10 or 20.04)

thanks to Reshaper from Jetbrains was really easy to update default namespace on my project in no time.

I saw some profiles that are only 1 year old but with few thousand of statuses. What do you guys posting

Downloading Ubuntu 21.10... anyone tried if there are support for sniping gestures?

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