@edgren try to create VPN tunnel to cloud provider and/or use proxy. I have at home only one public ip address so I using VPN for other server if I vant have different

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#Fluffychat 0.3.0 (fluffychat.im/de/changelog.htm) builds are now available for the ARM64 architecture on Flathub!
So if you are into @matrixdotorg@twitter.com, and have a #LinuxPhone (#Pinephone, #Librem5, #postmarketOS) make sure to check it out! twitter.com/cho2MLHC/status/13

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OMG people, the MS Word is not an typewriter... 🤦‍♀️

The Top:

* Align to center with Spaces
* Align pages number in Table of contents to right with dots...

It is don't bother me when google tracks my location, or health data in apps like Samsung health BUT when I hearing they are tracking almost everything like a race, social class, political affiliation, and sexual orientation. This is too much IMO, and what's the worse they collecting them without your permission and secretly. Another big plus for new Apple privacy feature. I'm not fangirl (fanboy) on any side iOS vs Android but informations like this one giving me more reason to switch to iOS.

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Anyone who tried to deploy OpenVPN configuration to the iOS with MDM ?.. Need to setup on-demand VPN and when you configure it in phone settings it's only manual start/stop.

@mauro @celia we have it enabled in our organization but nobody is looking for it. And any the companies who we outsourcing want an report form it... (maybe they don’t even know it is existing)

@Gargron I had installed windows 7 maybe for longest. But windows 10 isn't that bad as many says. I think it is best from Windows 7 era. YES it has some bugs, but which operating system doesn't have them?

:ms_tada: Finally solved how to add VPN to all our iOS devices with microsoft MDM. Thank to gist.github.com/thomaswitt/2f8

So fi anyone need add vpn's to iOS and don't have access to Apple configuration utility so there are profiles ;)

Now I have almost 350 projects on my GitLab instance. I think i need to organize them 🤔

❓❓❓ How often do you changing your phones? And how many phones did you have until now?

@celia I know thats why I wrote you can check oneplus 8T (its model from last year).

Because of updates I changed last year to iPhone (SE 2020)

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