Another one plus released. I liked OP because they was like Apple. They had few phones with stock like android and good support. But now they producing new phones more often and forgetting on support older devices

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Ok moved my mastodon to new and epyc based VPS

haha, some people don't know when to stop and still trying how to get money without work. To our company arrived few days ago printed letter from "Microsoft". It's funny that the any of the address email/web hasn't Microsoft word in its name. I giving thumb up for creativity.

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@nathan @DavidBlue @Gargron lit look so good 🔥🔥🔥 ... just one question: When? 👍

Anyone here have tried or using Hetzner's AX41 server?

@celia i am on photoshop and lightroom, my subscription ends sometime in december and deciding to go for Afinity photo on my iPad then.

@gmate8 very close to stock one I think :) & i wonder how will look Samsung's one ui

@gmate8 he dont understand how mastodon and fediverse works... so no suprise

You can now unsubscribe from mailing lists right in iOS mail app

Back online. I had problem after upgrading do 3.4.0 with healthcheck on docker. It was solved after upgrading to 3.4.1

@celia I used apache and htaccess until I found that there is nginx.

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