I have never heard the term "web 3" used in any context other than trying to sell some cryptocurrency, to the point where I cannot take it seriously at all.


@Gargron isn't main difference between web2 and web3 decentralization?

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@emma Decentralization does not require crypto wallets.

@Gargron yes it doesn't. I heard about web 3 before I heard about cryptocurrencies... I'm not an expert but i think it is using blockchain technology (somehow)...

@emma @Gargron web has traditionally been decentralised. Centralisation accelerated with emergence of the so-called โ€žweb 2.0โ€, amusingly.

@emma @Gargron web2 was supposed to be decentralized content creation as well.

It was through the closing down of platforms backed by and advised by the same VCs that are now pushing web3 that web2 became a centralized advertising ridden hellscape.

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