I am curious why do you people (not everyone) trying to use other email / messaging providers and don't want using Google or Microsoft but keep using iPhone or Windows on their pc.

Its just from curious or they want to draw attention to myself or because of privacy?

If it is that last option, isn't it a little bit schyzophrenic?

@emma it is because privacy, a lot of ppl here run there own mail servers, google apple and microsoft will all give you an email account if all your doing is just buying stuff and signing up for online accounts tho .. some ppl are okay with that, so if you want to do anything thats actually secure / handles sensitive data you have to set up your own mail server and do your own mail handling, and no its not paranoia as when you sign up for those services you agree that they can read your mail,

@swordsie it is meaning this -> hosting servers at home? (what about cloud hosting?)

I understand this if it's going on privacy, I also do not send sensitive data by email.

just curious, i know ppl who don't use social sites, dont want to travel because of data colection and dont using messaging apps ...and on other side using iPhones and backing up ptohos to cloud.

@emma you can do a lot to an iphone to make it more secure than standard, and most ppl running there own email server would do it from a hosting company in an encrypted vps, having control of your domain name can also be usefull , as you can kep email addresses going longer by forwarding them to each other to avoid shady criminals for instance if you get told to sign up somewhere you can give them a pseudorandom email address and if it gets spammed you can then just dump it

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