Hi guys! Any of you here using Grammarly or a similar service?

@emma nope. grammarly is so annoying with their ads that i feel nothing but contempt. besides, grammar is a thing to learn, not to delegate it to some random service. if i need a professional proofreading, i hire a corrector.

@themactep I have seen it on ads 🤭 and wanted to know if can be helpful for writing or it will be just "another app" in my computer. As you said, I don'tt want to degrade service but wanted to know if someone has experience with it.

@emma i have a real-life experience with grammarly. i tried that service when it only popped up on the horizon. my wife used it as a paying user for some time but finally ditched it. grammarly is nothing but a shady spellchecker on anabolics mixed with a keylogger. it monitors everything you type and sends it to the cloud aka "other guy's computer".

@themactep thank you. Biggest problem for me is this "keylogger" thing so I don't want to use it...

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