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Yesterday I created account for new employee in our client's company and asked him to change password when he login first time. ... He did it and wrote this password on paper which he then pasted on monitor. 😱🤦‍♀️ so I had to explain to him why he couldn't do it... I we live in 21st century.

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Folks, what's a great up-to-date resource on web components in 2021?

I want to progressively enhance a few bits on a client site. This is looking to be a great opportunity to both try one out and not dish out a whole React site!

(Excited af btw 🎉)

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#Fluffychat 0.3.0 ( builds are now available for the ARM64 architecture on Flathub!
So if you are into, and have a #LinuxPhone (#Pinephone, #Librem5, #postmarketOS) make sure to check it out!


OMG people, the MS Word is not an typewriter... 🤦‍♀️

The Top:

* Align to center with Spaces
* Align pages number in Table of contents to right with dots...

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